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You may not think much about the work that goes into a great cup of coffee. But by the time it reaches you, those beans have passed through networks of farmers, distributors, roasters, and artisans, each contributing something different to the process.

Partners Coffee is a Brooklyn-based roaster that knows the value in cultivating strong relationships between these various stakeholders. So much so, that they put it in their name. 

Partners was founded in 2012 by two childhood friends, Adam and Amber, who knew they wanted to start a coffee company driven by the expertise of industry insiders. They recognized early on that they needed to build close partnerships in order to succeed, with everyone from the farmers who grow and harvest the green coffee beans to the baristas who serve the final product. By striving to maintain accountability and consistency in their offerings, Partners has been able to form stable, dependable relationships across the board, including with farms in ten different countries. This ensures that their operations, as well as those of the farms, are sustainable for years to come. And by focusing on education and remaining in dialogue with their customers, Partners has also established a firm presence in New York’s coffee culture.

Partners’ dedication to their business and their craft made them a natural fit for our coffee program at FreshDirect. We’re proud to offer their coffee beans by the bag, which has made Partners Coffee more accessible to a general audience, taking it beyond the handful of shops they operate in New York City. They deliver beans to us on a weekly basis, ensuring that everything is at its freshest and best-tasting by the time it reaches you. As they see it, offering different blends and varietals for at-home consumption allows customers to explore the nuances of specialty coffee on their own.

We recently met up with their team to learn more about the work that goes into running a craft coffee company. Watch the video below to see how each and every cup of Partners Coffee is the product of dedicated relationships and collaborative teamwork. 

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