What Regenerative Agriculture Means For Meat

At FreshDirect, we care passionately about supporting producers that work to positively impact our food system. When it comes to meat, that means making a point of sourcing from farms and farmers that practice regenerative agriculture.

Brothers Ridge Lamb - Regenerative Agriculture Meat
Lamb at Brothers Ridge Farm, Tioga County, N.Y.
These practices, broadly speaking, aim to contribute to the environment in a way that will counter the effects of climate change. They consider soil quality and health and the relationship between the land and crops. But regenerative agriculture also has implications for livestock, with benefits for both the earth and the animals.

It could be argued that regenerative practices are a step beyond sustainability, which by definition means maintaining the status quo. Rather, they seek to further biological diversity and the resilience of the land by creating soil that’s balanced, rich in mineral content, and less susceptible to drought and wildfires. For farm animals, that also includes true pasture raising out in the open, with rotating cycles for grazing and foraging, instead of grain feeding inside confined feedlots, as is typical with industrial methods. The animals even contribute back by breaking up and aerating the hard soil, trampling weeds, and naturally spreading fertilizer.

Cooks Venture Chicken - Regenerative Agriculture Meat
Chicken at Cooks Venture
Regenerative agriculture is hardly a new development, but a return to pre-industrial farming practices, before synthetic chemicals were widely used, corn and soy became the main livestock diet, and food was mass produced. In the past, being a good steward of the land and livestock was the only way to succeed as a farmer. Nowadays, it’s an idea that can seem radical.

As a consumer, you should have the option to support what’s best for the environment and animal welfare, in addition to expecting great quality and taste. That’s why at FreshDirect, we emphasize our grass-fed and pasture-raised meat programs and aim to make them accessible and impactful. Whenever we partner with a meat supplier, we get to know the farmers, build supply chains, set high standards, and verify that those standards are being met. And since we know exactly where our meat is coming from, we can trust how it is being raised.

We also realize that there is a lot of noise out there when it comes to advice on making better food choices. Our aim is to take the hard work out of finding the producers that are worth supporting. Because when you put your money toward responsible farms and producers, you’re supporting a better future.


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