Why Shop Fair Trade Products on FreshDirect

At FreshDirect, we believe in bringing you products for you that not only taste great, but also are made and sourced according to the highest standards. That’s because extraordinary food experiences are about more than just flavor and freshness: they’re also about recognizing the work and relationships that sustain our foodways.

FreshDirect Shop Fair Trade Items
We support a more ethical food system through initiatives like promoting regenerative agriculture in meat production, working with sustainable seafood producers, and sourcing wines made from organically and biodynamically grown grapes. And when it comes to goods produced or made with ingredients from developing countries, we look to those that are fair trade certified.

Fair trade, in a nutshell, means giving small-scale producers a chance to compete in the global market, paying an adequate wage to their workers, providing premiums to invest in the well-being of their communities, and engaging in practices that are better for the environment. It’s an effort to tilt the power balance back toward those who have the greatest impact on our food and commodities systems and promote justice for all.

To be considered fair trade, a product must be certified as upholding fair trade practices. While the exact standards can vary depending on the certifying organization, these are some of the most fundamental principles:

  • Direct trade relationships between importers and small-scale producers.
  • Producers are paid more than conventional market prices and receive premiums that can be invested back in their local communities.
  • Workers receive a living wage that covers their basic needs.
  • Safe and ethical labor and environmental standards are enforced.
  • Producer organizations are controlled democratically and all workers are able to participate in decision making.

When you purchase fair trade certified goods, you are putting money back into the hands of farmers, artisans, and workers and promoting the health and prosperity of communities across the globe. So if you see a product on FreshDirect with the fair trade label, you can feel confident that you’re supporting a more just and ethical system.

Here are some of the fair trade certified products you can find on FreshDirect:

Equal Exchange Fair Trade BananasEqual Exchange Fair Trade Organic Bananas
Equal Exchange is a worker-owned cooperative that partners with small growers in Ecuador and Peru to source these bananas. By fostering mutually beneficial relationships between consumers and small farms, they ensure that producers receive an honest and fair price for their crops.

FreshDirect Fair Trade CoffeeJust FreshDirect Fair Trade Organic Coffees
We partner with Fair Trade USA to enable sustainable development and community empowerment by cultivating a more equitable global trade model that benefits farmers, workers, consumers, and the earth. Our coffee program includes whole bean and ground fair trade coffees sourced from small producers and roasted locally.

More great fair trade coffees: Barrie House, Green Mountain Coffee, Wandering Bear

Dr. Bronner's Fair Trade SoapDr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps
Dr. Bronner’s sources raw materials for it soaps by building relationships with organic farmers and producers to create equitable supply chains. They have invested over $2.5 million in fair trade premiums that benefit the economic and social development of farms and communities.

Harmless Harvest Fair Trade Coconut WaterHarmless Harvest Organic Coconut Water
Harmless Harvest creates delicious coconut water from organic Nam Hom coconuts grown in Thailand. Their products are Fair for Life certified, marking their commitment to social accountability and fair trade.

More great fair trade beverages: Bear’s Fruit Kombucha, Serendipitea

good-pop-cold-brew-fair-tradeGoodpop Frozen Pops
These small-batch popsicles taste good and do good too! Goodpop uses Fair Trade Certified cane sugar, banana, coffee, cocoa, agave nectar and vanilla in their recipes in addition to being non-GMO and a certified B Corp.

More great fair trade grocery items: Barkthins