FreshDirect Sourced: The White Moustache

Yogurt may seem like an ordinary thing: an everyday item you keep in the fridge for breakfast or a snack. But The White Moustache turns the ordinary into the extraordinary, making yogurt that is decadent, luxurious, and so delicious, it’s otherworldly. 

Yogurt-making started out as a family tradition for Homa Dashtaki, The White Moustache’s founder. She and her relatives would help her father, Goshtasb, make Persian-style yogurt from a family recipe (the company gets its name from Goshtasb’s distinctive facial hair). In 2011, Homa was inspired to start selling this yogurt at small markets in California, but she faced adversity. Because the Dashtaki’s recipe differed from those of more mainstream yogurt companies, they ran up against obstinate state regulators who refused to accept the very methods that make The White Moustache yogurt so delicious. Undeterred, Homa relocated to New York City, where she was able to work with people who were willing to help her make the product compliant with local rules while preserving its authenticity. The White Moustache quickly caught on with the city’s food connoisseurs and was soon dubbed the “best yogurt ever” by many.

Homa Dashtaki

In the years since, The White Moustache has grown along with its popularity and now operates out of a facility in Red Hook, Brooklyn, where they make their products using locally-sourced milk from the Hudson Valley. In addition to their signature Persian yogurt, they offer a Greek yogurt, special flavors like date, and labneh—a type of spreadable cheese. They also produce drinks from the nutritious whey leftover from the yogurt-making process, including tonics by Spare Food Co., who upcycles the liquid into probiotic refreshment. You’ll find these products on FreshDirect, where they’re beloved by our team and our customers. 

We recently visited Homa and Goshtasb in Brooklyn to hear more about the story and process behind The White Moustache yogurt. Watch the video below to see why food is truly special when it comes from a place built upon tradition and family.

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