Our Favorite Easy Lunch Box Items for Back to School

If you’re a parent, you know that helping your kid get the nutrition they need isn’t always easy. And when it comes to packing their lunch box, it can be a challenge to pull it all together and make both you and them happy.

With a little smart shopping, you can make balanced school lunches that come together in 1-2-3. By turning to healthier, kid-friendly prepared options (we’ve got plenty on FreshDirect) and DIY bites that you can put together easily, crafting a complete meal is a cinch. See our top picks for kid-friendly foods that require minimal effort while delivering maximum yum.

Ready-To-Go Meals

One of the best parts of FreshDirect is our prepared meal selection, so you can always have a tasty lunch or dinner on hand that requires minimal effort. These include plenty of wholesome options made just for kids, so you can simply grab one from the fridge and you’re good to go. Some of our favorites for school days include:


Snack Pack Samplers

Breakfast For Lunch

À La Carte Veggies & Sides

You can make a whole meal out of our pre-cut produce and prepped sides. Just mix and match two or three of the items below, picking from all the food groups:

Prepped Veggies & Fruit

Small Bites

Pouches & Dairy

Plan A Homemade Meal

If going the DIY route, it can get easy to get stuck in a rut—sandwiches are good, but not all of the time. Try keeping a list of various categories to choose from. When you’re not sure what to make, turn to it mix things up and get some inspo. Here’s an example:

Don’t Forget the Little Things!

Finish off their lunch box with the extras that’ll round it all out, from milk and juice for washing it all down to a treat for dessert:

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