The Story Behind Our Grass-Fed Beef Program

FreshDirect has worked hard to provide our customers with the absolute best in local, 100% grass-fed beef. We established partnerships with family-owned farms in the Northeast, who raise cattle entirely on pasture and never give them antibiotics, added hormones, or grain-based feed. These farms also use regenerative practices to rebuild the soil, restore biodiversity and improve the water cycle. It’s a way of doing things that not only benefits the farmer, but also the animals and the environment.

For consumers, genuine grass-fed beef is more tender, flavorful, leaner and remarkably juicy. And you deserve to enjoy it all year round!

Grass-fed beef is the fastest growing red-meat protein category in the northeast, and the demand for it is higher than ever. It’s not hard to understand why, given the popularity of high-protein diets and the added nutritional benefit grass-fed beef can provide, such as omega-3 fatty acids. But providing 100% grass-fed beef from cattle raised on open pastures—without the use of artificial growth hormones or antibiotics—is a challenge. And finding farms that can confidently and consistently provide all of this within a local radius is even more difficult.

That’s because it’s significantly cheaper and more efficient to feed cattle corn and soy-based proteins that enable them to grow much larger at a faster rate. While this type of feed might make economic sense, it isn’t best for the cow, the environment, or the consumer. Feeding grains like corn can disrupt a cow’s digestive system, increasing bloat, gas, and levels of acid. These problems can weaken the animal’s immune system, often requiring the use of antibiotics that can have medical consequences for humans. That’s why our cattle are 100% grass-fed, which means no supplemental corn or grains ever. Along with sticking to regenerative agricultural practices, we believe this is best for the animal’s well-being, the planet, and the consumer.

Local grass-fed beef is also economically challenging from a farmer’s perspective. While there is plenty of grassland in the northeast, the amount of space and time it takes to raise grass-fed cattle is far greater than just planting various crops. Most grass-fed beef is imported from Uruguay and Australia, where they have vast expanses that are perfect for one thing: raising grass-fed beef. Still, we were determined to give our customers what they wanted, which is why we’ve invested the time to build our program from the ground up.

How did we do it? By partnering with the best family-owned farms in the northeast that raise only the good stuff, and are willing to do it exclusively for us on an ongoing basis. This partnership also benefits the farmers, because there are no middlemen taking a cut and we’re providing them with a high demand of consumers who want exactly what they can offer. Essentially, it’s the closest you can get to farmers’ market quality without having to leave the house.

Learn more by watching the video below:

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