How to Make A Great Ice Cream Sandwich

This summer is going to be a scorcher, so you’ll wanna have some cool defenses to help you beat the heat. We always go for something edible, of course, and it’s not sucking on ice cubes or getting cozy with a bag of frozen peas. We’re talking ice cream, specifically ice cream sandwiches that deliver a big frosty wedge of deliciousness inside a baked dessert.

We offer a number of ice cream sandwiches and other cool treats on FreshDirect for satisfying your summer sweet tooth. But it’s also fun and easy to make your own creation that you can customize with your favorite flavors. It can be vegan, loaded with sprinkles and decorations, or feature an ingredient combo that mimics one of your other favorite dishes (breakfast ice cream, anyone?).

So what makes a great ice cream sandwich? Read on for our tips and shop the ingredients on FreshDirect.

Building Your Ice Cream Sandwich

For the Outside

If you’re going to make the classic cookie ice cream sandwich, not just any cookie is going to do. You want something chewy so that it doesn’t crumble as you take a bite, leaving you with a melty mess. But it also shouldn’t be so soft that it falls apart. Additionally, you don’t want anything super thick or mound shaped, since this will complicate getting the whole thing into your mouth. That means soft-baked, Toll House style cookies are your best bet. You could bake your own, or most of the cookies from the FreshDirect bakery will do just the trick.

Cookies aren’t the only option, though. Waffles are a great choice because their nooks do a superb job of catching any melted ice cream. Brownies and blondies are a wonderfully decadent option. Other possibilities include rice crispie squares, graham crackers, brioche bread, or even a sliced in half doughnut.

No matter what you choose, it’s a good idea to put your sandwich layers in the freezer before assembling to ensure there’s minimal melt.

The Ice Cream

There isn’t a single bad ice cream for a sandwich, but some are better than others. When picking one out, we stick to brands that come in a round paperboard carton. The reason for this is that using a sharp or serrated knife, you can slice through the container and voila: you’ve got a perfectly shaped puck of ice cream. You can try scooping and smushing, or using a round cookie cutter, but it’s going to be a lot messier and harder to fit. Plus, by cutting, you can portion the ice cream out while its still very firm and cold. Using softer, warmer ice cream is something that should be avoided because if you refreeze it, you’ll end up with ice crystals that create an unwanted grainy texture.

You may also want to think about using a lighter, more aerated ice cream as opposed to one that’s super dense or overloaded with mix-ins. Not only is this closer to the texture of the ice cream sandwiches you remember from when you were a kid, it makes them less heavy and cumbersome both physically and in terms of how knocked out you’ll feel after eating such a decadent treat. Some brands that are known for their lighter texture include N!ck’s, Halo Top, Breyer’s, and Oatly’s plant-based flavors.

The Extras

After you’ve stacked your ice cream and cookies together, you can roll the outside around in an add-on that’ll bring that extra bit of texture. Chocolate chips, small candies like Reese’s Pieces or M&M’s, sprinkles, freeze-dried fruit bits, and chopped nuts are all great ideas. Plus, if you had any broken or messy chunks of ice cream, a few decorations will cover it right up.