Nutritionist’s Picks: Top 5 Snack Tips For Packing Lunchboxes 

Do you have to pack lunch or a snack for lunchboxes every day? Here are some items I recommend you throw into that backpack to keep your kids full of healthy foods, hydrated and happy. All items are nut-free and don’t require refrigeration: shop here for the complete list!

summer lunch

1. Start with produce: 

Seasonality is going to drive the produce you should back, but summer fruits, while a little messy because they are so juicy, are the most delicious. Family Tree Farms has some great lunchbox sized fruits: Heirloom PeachesApricotsWhite Donut Peaches. As fall rolls in, we have a lot of apples and pears to choose from – cut them into wedges and sprinkle a little lemon juice on them so they don’t brown before lunch or snack time!

Crunchy vegetables add a nice refreshing touch to the afternoon. Slice these cucumbers, or throw in these packs of carrots, or cherry tomatoes. 

2. Add some protein: 

Oftentimes our kids are a little over-carbed with simple carbohydrate snacks like crackers or chips, and then they get hungry for more snacks FAST. Pairing the carbohydrate snack with a protein can help satisfy them and keep them fuller longer (I know, you’re thinking that’s too good to be true, snacking is their part-time job)! Give it a try! 

Since most camps are nut-free, stick with these options:

Hummus: veggies & hummus,  pretzels & hummus, or just plain hummus you can pair with the veggies from tip #1.   

SB & J Sandwiches (Sunflower Butter & Jelly): Dave’s Killer Bread & Sunflower Butter & Apple Butter

Roasted bean snacks are a big hit with kids! I know you don’t believe me, but try them – they are a great crunchy snack that fills them with protein and fiber, and there are a few brands to choose from: CrunchstersPulse Organic, Seapoint Soybean Snacks. 

3. Use a more filling pre-packed snack: 

Short on time in the mornings? These snacks are awesomely pre-packed and well balanced – Lifestyle Snack PackSabra Avocado Toast, or Crunch Pak Apples, Cheese & Pretzels.

4. Be smarter about the carb choice: 

Kids in sports camps need to replenish their carbohydrate stores after a long day running around. Pair with a protein for a more filling snack, as mentioned in tip #2.  Most granola bars have nuts in them, but if you don’t have to abide by nut-free, we have lots of options 

Here are some nut-free choices for carbohydrate replenishment (in addition to fruit):

Kind Pressed Fruit Bars: 

100% Whole Wheat Pretzel Sticks 

FreshDirect Popcorn: 

Whole Wheat Crackers: Mary’s Gone CrackersTriscuits 

Gluten-Free Whole Grain Crackers: Crunchmaster, Laiki Rice Crackers

5. Hydration is key! 

Ideally, your kids have reusable water bottles and a place to refill them during the day. But if you have to send them with drinks, we have all different sorts of water to choose from. Sport CapFlavored Juice Boxes, Flavored Bottled Water, Seltzer.