Pan-Seared Scallops with Winter Squash Recipe

This recipe by FreshDirect co-founder David McInerney pairs two of the most dazzling ingredients that are in season right now: scallops from off the coast of Massachusetts and sweet winter squash. Shop the ingredients on FreshDirect.

Scallops with Winter Squash


1 honeynut squash or 1 lb. cubed butternut squash
Olive oil
1 lb. bay or sea scallops
Canola or grapeseed oil
1 oz. micro greens


Preheat oven to 400 degrees F.

If using honeynut squash, peel and discard skin, then halve lengthwise, scoop out seeds, and dice flesh into small cubes. In a bowl, toss cubed squash with a drizzle of olive oil, coating all over, and season with salt. Spread out squash in an even layer on a baking sheet, making sure each piece touches the surface. Roast squash in oven until tender, 10–14 minutes, tossing halfway through. Once done, remove from oven and set aside.

Rinse scallops and remove the side muscles. Pat dry with a paper towel and season with salt. Heat a thin layer of canola or grapeseed oil in a large pan over medium-high heat. Once shimmering, add scallops. Sear on one side for 1–2 minutes, then flip and immediately add 1 tablespoon butter, allowing it to brown. Add roasted squash and tip the pan toward you to pool the butter. Spoon butter over the squash and scallops, repeating this for 10 seconds as butter drips down the pan.

Transfer scallops and squash to a platter and garnish with micro greens. Serve immediately.