Why Summer Lobsters Are Different

Ain’t no party like a Lobster Party, ‘cause a Lobster Party is crackin’!


We’re celebrating summer with a Lobster Party because at this very moment, new-shell lobsters are arriving our way, fresh from the docks of Maine.

These are the best lobsters you can get all year because they’re sweeter, more tender, and have shells that you can crack open with your bare hands.

Those new shells are the result of the molting process that lobsters go through around the beginning of each summer. Once a lobster has had enough of its thick, hard winter shell, it’ll switch it out for some summer clothes and wriggle out of the outer layers. This also makes it easier for lobsters to mate—it seems dressing scantily in hopes of attracting a partner isn’t just a human thing. Throughout the rest of the year, lobsters build up a hard shell again until it’s time to repeat the process.

But enough about the reproductive habits of lobsters: what this all means for you is easy-to-shuck crustaceans with meat that’s flavorful and succulent. And because of their thinner shells, they cook in less time too. We recommend boiling them, which takes just 7–8 minutes. At that point, their antennae should pull off easily if you give them a tug, which is the easiest way to check for doneness.

Because new-shell lobsters are more delicate and sensitive, they can be difficult to transport. That’s why at FreshDirect, we source lobsters directly from Maine and get them delivered daily. Our partners’ expertise and relationships with local lobstermen ensure that they get the best stock, sourced from 500-foot-deep waters. So you can trust us to bring you the highest-quality lobsters available. And because of our close partnerships, we’re able to offer them to you at the same low price that you’d pay at the docks!

Ready to get crackin’ and have a lobster party of your own? Shop everything for your shellfish shindig here and check out our tips for the best way to cook a lobster by watching the video below!