Fun Bun Alternatives

Try something different with your burger this Labor Day weekend.

Nothing’s better than a juicy burger to celebrate the last long weekend of summer. Here are our top four ways to bun, from classic to “green.”

  1. Classic Buns
    The classic: Arnold’s white buns. Soft, tender, and delicious, they hold their own against the juiciest of burgers and toppings (and melt in your mouth).
  2. English Muffins
    Classic with a twist: The English muffin. The trademark nooks and crannies catch all the juicy overflow from the burgers and the condiments. New Thomas’ Grillers XL English Muffins are made to hold large patties (ideal for hardy appetites).
  3. Lettuce Wraps
    Looking for a lighter, no-carb, yet still satisfying option? Try iceburg lettuce. It stands up against the biggest burgers, but won’t fill you up.


  1. Avocado
    Our last (and most adorable) option is the “greenest” – the avocado! To make it: Simply peel a whole avocado, then cut through the middle around the pit. Sprinkle with a little salt and sesame seeds, place your patty between the slices, and wow your guests with this amazing bun alternative.