Transform Your #SadDeskLunch

Do you eat at your desk all day every day? You’re not alone!
62% of professionals reported eating lunch at their desk on a typical day.
Eating in the office can be challenging but you can lighten up that sad desk lunch with a few tips!  

  • Mindful moment before eating: Take a calm moment for yourself at lunch to reduce stress.  Close your eyes, do some deep breathing, or briefly meditate before you eat.
  • Think before your hunger thinks for you: No time to cook and pack a gourmet lunch? Check out the options on-site in your office. Is there a cafeteria with quick healthy options? A nearby bodega with salad supplies to put together a quick lunch? Or great takeout options like sushi nearby? Thinking about your lunch before you are starving can help you to pre-plan the lunch choice before you get too hungry or miss lunch altogether. 
  • Eat outside when you can: If you always eat lunch at your desk, you’re missing out on fresh air and sunlight for an energy and serotonin boost. Too cold to be outside? Eat near a sunny window for your 20 minutes of vitamin D. 
  • Upgrade Your Tableware: Plastic forks and styrofoam containers are not only bad for the environment, they’re also depressing. Instead, keep a real plate and silverware in your desk. 
  • Have a List On-Hand: Make a healthy options list for your employees and colleagues of the healthy takeout options nearby. Share with your team so the group ordering can commence!

About the Author
Ten years after completing her undergraduate degree in Marketing, Alicia Blittner became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, earning her Masters in Nutrition Sciences at Hunter College in 2015. Through pursuing her passion for helping people eat healthier to feel their best, Alicia works at FreshDirect as an on-site Corporate Nutritionist and Employee Wellness program manager. In addition to encouraging others to live a healthy lifestyle, Alicia also loves to exercise, and aims to eat as wholesome and nutritiously as possibly at every meal and snack. Her favorite fruit is an Indian mango and her favorite vegetable is brussel sprouts.