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Many businesses start from an obsession or hobby, but few flourish in the way that Paul Nasrani has with his ice cream company, Adirondack Creamery. More than two decades ago, Nasrani made his first batch of homemade ice cream in his tiny Manhattan studio apartment. What followed was years of trial and error, growth, and a never-ending quest to recreate the tastes of his youth.

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Nasrani began his career working in finance, but memories of helping churn ice cream on a farm during his childhood had stuck with him. Eventually, he tried making his own and brought it to the office for his coworkers to try. They raved about it and soon demand began to exceed the space he had in his freezer.

Paul Nasrani

Around that time, Nasrani began taking notes from others in the ice cream business and learning more about dairy. Then one fortuitous day while passing through Grand Central Station, he found an auction underway at an ice cream shop. Soon after, he left with a commercial freezer and quit his job.

The perfect ice cream he had been chasing after, he realized, is based around a few simple principles. Like using fresh, local, high butter fat milk, then adding in only sugar, eggs, and real deal flavors. To access the best dairy, he decided to move his operations to upstate New York, first in a location by Lake George and later to a larger facility in the Hudson Valley. There, he has been able to connect with family farms to source his ingredients. The milk even goes from the cows to the Adirondack production line within mere hours.

Nasrani’s commitment to keeping things local and his obsession with quality made him a natural partner for FreshDirect. His pints have since become a much-loved customer favorite. In addition to his obsession with using the best ingredients, Nasrani is also something of a flavor magician. The black raspberry ice cream is like diving into a bushel of sweet fruit, while the black mountain brownie seems more chocolate-y than chocolate itself. Food critics have even declared Adirondack’s vanilla the best in the world. And his Syrian date and walnut is one of those essential, must-try FreshDirect products—not only were we the first to carry it, 50% of the profits from this flavor support organizations that provide aid to refugees.

Nasrani points out that “Nobody’s ever had these flavors, and that makes a huge difference.” By partnering with FreshDirect, he’s been able to reach the food-obsessed audience that understands exactly what he’s trying to do: “They are taking the opportunity to share our products and to be different with their community of customers.” For Adirondack Creamery, being different has given way to something truly sweet.


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