FreshDirect’s Top Food Trends for 2024

Get ahead of the curve and try the products that our experts predict will be in-demand this year. We’re talking items that are driving culinary diversity and innovation, creating breakthroughs in nutrition, and helping create a more sustainable food system.

Upcycled foods

Customers want to reduce their food waste at every step of their meal. In 2024, that will mean purchasing food that is made with usable food scraps, or in other words, upcycling. Products across a variety of categories making creative use of food scraps will be in higher demand. That includes items made-in-house at FreshDirect, like our banana bread and a many of our prepared dishes. 

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Sustainability in farming

From resource-conserving indoor farms to regeneratively-raised meat, it’s clear that responsible farming is the way forward. More sustainable practices in agriculture benefit not just the farmer and the consumer, but also animals and the environment. These items are examples of the positive impact of making greener choices. 

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Embracing small plates

Premium tinned seafood, snacking cheeses, and specialty dips are taking a place at the party table. Having seen big growth this past year, they will continue to gain popularity. From dairy-free options and plant-based dips, to alternative protein options like tinned fish paired with a salad or charcuterie board, there is something for everyone. 

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Functional beverages

There’s a new wave of beverage products that are going beyond nutrition. Consumers are wanting better-for-you energy drinks, probiotic-based tonics that support digestive well-being, and formulas that can help boost immunity.  

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Diversity in the marketplace

Our grocery choices extend beyond mere consumption; they echo our values, beliefs, and commitment to a more harmonious, equitable world. How we eat is changing for the better through the emergence of a more diverse class of food makers and entrepreneurs. This is reflected in a more globally representative selection of products, as well as through initiatives like the FreshDirect RIPE incubator, which help small businesses gain a foothold. 

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