Put A Burrata On It! The Best Way To Turn Salad Into A No-Cook Meal

There’s mozzarella, and then there’s burrata. Although a classic mozz melted onto a pizza or paired with tomatoes and basil is wonderful, when you take things one step further by going for its even creamier cousin burrata, the only word is transcendent.

So what’s the difference? Mozzarella is a fresh cheese made by introducing cultures to either cow or buffalo milk, which causes curds to form. These curds are then kneaded until they form a cheese that’s smooth and elastic. Burrata, on the other hand, starts with mozzarella that’s stretched into a pouch, then filled with stracciatella, or cream mixed with cheese shreds. So as you cut into it, it oozes an unctuous, supremely rich liquid that blankets everything with pure dairy deliciousness.

Because mozzarella and burrata are fresh cheeses that quickly lose their flavor, it’s always a plus when you can get ones that are made locally, cutting down on the time spent in transit. That’s why at FreshDirect, we’re big fans of Liuzzi Cheese, located nearby in Connecticut. The Liuzzi family has milk running through their veins: they’ve been making insanely delicious cheeses for five generations, going all the way back to their ancestors in Italy. Nowadays, they practice their craft in Hamden, just outside of New Haven, making mozzarella, burrata, ricotta and more with local milk. And their products are simply fresher and better tasting than anything that makes the long journey across the Atlantic.

So once you’ve got the very best burrata, what should you do with it? Not much, frankly. It’s meant to shine in its purest, freshest glory. But if you can find seasonal produce that’s just as dazzling, making a salad out of it with a burrata on top is an excellent way to showcase all of its flavor.

Summer fruits and vegetables, like stone fruits, melons, heirloom tomatoes, and tender greens, are an especially good match for burrata. And since this is the season when it’s just too hot to turn on the oven, a burrata salad is an excellent way to enjoy both for a breezy lunch or dinner. Some grilled meat or seafood on the side is nice, too. But in our book, a burrata on top, especially one of Liuzzi’s mini burratas that are perfectly portioned for one, is all you need for a meal that is simply heavenly.

Try one of these burrata salad combinations—after you’ve assembled all the ingredients on a plate, simply finish them off with a dash of freshly-ground pepper and olive oil and you’re good to go.

Burrata with...

Don’t let your imagination stop there, however. If you can put it in a salad, it probably tastes good with burrata (as if there were anything that doesn’t).