Spooky DIY Halloween Treats

The Halloween food fun doesn’t have to stop at the candy. These DIY Halloween treats will keep your celebrations frightfully festive.

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Spooky Spider Webs

You need only two ingredients to make these (spiders not included).

Spider Web Pretzels with White Chocolate


Fact: Molding your handmade guac into the shape of Frankenstein’s monster makes it taste that much better.

Frankenstein Guacamole

Caramel Apples

A caramel apple a day will keep the goblins and ghouls away!

Caramel Apple

Yummy Mummy Hot Dogs

They’re hot dogs that look like little mummies. What’s not to love?
Mummy Hot Dogs

Yummy Mummy Pizza Bites

There are no words for how cute and how easy these miniature pizza bites are to make.
Mummy Pizza Bites

Cheesy Ghost and Spooky Spider Pizza

This adorable cheese and olive pizza is perfect to put together with the kiddies on Halloween.
Ghost and Spider Pizza

Mummy Baked Brie Dip

It’s bloody delicious!
Mummy Brie Cheese Dip

Wickedly Witchy Finger Cookies

These cookies will have everyone screaming for more.
Witchy Finger Cookies

Deviously Delicious Dirt Grave Cups

These sweet treats bring new meaning to ‘death by chocolate’.
Chocolate Dirt Cups

DIY Halloween Apple Fangs

What’s green, peanut butter-y, and delicious all over? Halloween-themed apple fangs, of course.
Halloween Apple Fangs

Apple Goblins for Halloween

This spooky little snack is actually pretty good for you.
Apple Goblins

Healthy Halloween Platter for Kids

These wholesome alternatives to candy are as ghoulish as they are delicious!
Healthy Halloween Platter

Frankenstein Veggie Platter for Halloween

We’ve created a monster…and he’s DELICIOUS.

Sweet Pumpkin Beer Float

Pumpkin beer. Ice cream. A sweet take on a kiddie classic. What’s not to love?
Pumpkin Beer Float