On-the-Go Salad Jars

You probably already know that putting your salad in a mason jar is the thing to do. But what you may not know is just how easy and how portable these jars can be.

Turns out that mason jars hold the perfect serving size of salad, and the options are endless! Even better, they work for literally every occasion: office lunch, road trip, beach getaway, or park outing.

Left: Strawberry Feta
What You’ll Need:
Feta cheese
Balsamic vinegar dressing

What To Do:
Start with a base layer of dressing and layer your toppings on top. Always start with the heaviest ingredient that won’t absorb all of the dressing—which is why we started with strawberries—and top it off with your light-weight lettuce.

Center: Southwestern Quinoa
What You’ll Need:
Red onion
Black beans
Lime juice
Olive oil

What To Do:
Some salads don’t need a lettuce base—this version uses protein-packed quinoa, but you can sub in any other grain. We think pasta or couscous could be a great addition here. Start with your dressing (this version just needs a dash of olive oil and a spritz of lime juice) and put quinoa directly on top. Then layer your favorite toppings. Pico de gallo might be a great add here, too.

Right: Italian Mozzarella
What You’ll Need:
Cherry tomatoes
Kalamata olives
Ball mozzarella
Rotisserie chicken
Romaine lettuce
Italian, Greek, or Ceaser dressing

What To Do:
Pour your dressing into the bottom of your mason jar. Layer your favorite ingredients on top, starting with the heaviest (tomatoes). Top it off with crunchy romaine and enjoy in a few hours.