Vermont Creamery Bijou Aged Goat Cheese "Crottin"

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Vermont Creamery Bijou Aged Goat Cheese "Crottin"
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An American line of French-style ripened goat cheeses wouldn't be complete without a small Bijou-like Crottin. Bijou is French for "jewel" and epitomizes all that is special about goats' milk and the making and caring for a small cheese. This geotrichum-rinded cheese has a unique sweet and yeasty flavor. Made with fresh pasteurized goats' milk from family farms, Bijou curd coagulates overnight, drains in cheese cloth, and is then shaped into little buttons. Dried, and ripened for one week, Bijou evolves with time, gaining a sharpness and complexity after thirty days. Serve toasted on baguette with a salad for a traditional French Bistro Chevre Chaud or on a cheeseboard. (from Vermont Creamery)