Oui by Yoplait French Style Yogurt, Lemon

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Oui by Yoplait French Style Yogurt, Lemon
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Contains Milk

Enjoy the moment with every spoonful of Oui by Yoplait French Style Lemon Whole Milk Yogurt. Pleasure is at the heart of this French style yogurt. It begins with simple ingredients like whole milk and real lemons, poured into individual glass pots and left to set for eight hours. And voila. . .the culturing process creates a delicious fruit yogurt so thick and creamy, it calls for a proper spoon. So take the time to truly taste. And let your senses be your guide. Enjoy this crafted yogurt cup on a train trip into the city. Take the yogurt jar to the sunniest room at your workplace. Savor spoonfuls as a gluten free snack on a bench outdoors. Each lemon yogurt is made with live and active cultures and contains no artificial flavors and no colors from artificial sources. Oui yogurt is best experienced without stirring to get just the right amount of fruit from the bottom in every bite. (from Oui by Yoplait)