Utopia Bagels of New York Egg Bagels, Frozen

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Utopia Bagels of New York Egg Bagels, Frozen
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Contains Wheat, Contains Eggs, Contains Soy

How do you take the classic bagel flavor up a notch? Add eggs to the recipe! Utopia Bagels egg bagel touches upon everything you look for in a fresh and tasty bagel: Crunchy, soft, sweet, savory and the perfect consistency. It's a classic that you won't regret starting your morning with or having as a mid-day snack—whichever you prefer! Utopia Bagels was founded in 1981 in Whitestone, New York, and has been using the same tried and true recipe ever since. Our bagels are individually hand-rolled by experts, bagels, kettle boiled, and the best part: Baked in our 1947 carousel oven. From there, the bagels are then watched under intensive care for 24-48 hours to achieve their distinctive and unique flavor. With several publications ranking Utopia Bagels as the #1 bagel, we take pride in our bagels and know you will be able to taste the passion. See you at Utopia. (from Utopia Bagels of New York)