Vive Organic Immunity Boost Variety Pack, Plastic Bottles

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Vive Organic Immunity Boost Variety Pack, Plastic Bottles
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All natural farm fresh pressed immunity shots. These holistic immunity shots pack a punch providing a kick you can feel. We recommend a shot every day as part of a healthy lifestyle to provide your body with a fresh way to feel good every day, boosting your immunity. We use all natural farm fresh ingredients for fresher, faster immune boosting support. We use superfoods and combine them with organic fruit juices to create a potent daily immunity shot. Our doctor crafted immunity boosters were created with holistic wellness in mind, and we extend that to our stewardship of the planet. We use recycled plastic and packaging, our farmers practice regenerative farming, and we use ugly produce to reduce over 1 million pounds of food waste. We are committed to the freshest ingredients; no added sugar, no artificial ingredients or colors, and never watered down. Variety Packs contain one of each flavor of the Immunity Boost line. (from Vive Organic)