Eden Foods Buckwheat Soba

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Eden Foods Buckwheat Soba
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Contains Wheat

Eden 100% Buckwheat Soba is 100% whole grain noodles with a rich, warming flavor. It is traditionally made in Japan and patiently two-step dried into a delicious and easy way to enjoy the flavor and exceptional health benefit of buckwheat. Soba is Japanese for buckwheat. In Japan, 100% pure Buckwheat Soba is called 'kiko uchi'. Whole buckwheat is stone ground into flour then added to a mixer with pure water to form a dough. A slow mixing process ensures the best texture and flavor. A series of rollers gradually presses the dough into thin sheets that are cut into long strands and hung on poles in a drying room for about 40 hours. Noodles are then hand cut to length and finish air drying before packaging. (from Eden Foods)