3 Ways FreshDirect Makes Dieting Easy

When you start a new diet or resolve to add more wholesome, home-cooked meals to your routine, it can be challenging to come up with healthy food ideas or to find time to shop for your specific needs. But with online grocery delivery from FreshDirect, staying on track is simple. That's because you can get everything you need brought to you around your schedule, including products for your diet, lifestyle, and tastes.

By skipping the hassle that comes with shopping at the supermarket and taking advantage of FreshDirect's vast selection of the freshest groceries online, you can get everything on your list delivered in a snap. That way, you'll have more time to focus on your goals and enjoying life. We're also always adding new products to our store, including items tailored to specific dietary needs, so you'll have plenty of ways to keep your new routine fresh and exciting.

Still not sure if you should get diet food delivery from FreshDirect? Here are our top three reasons for making the switch:

1. You can save time with healthy food delivery

A new diet often involves switching up your meals and seeking out new foods. That can get frustrating when you discover that your local grocery store might not carry them or doesn't have enough options for you needs.

On FreshDirect, however, everything is at your fingertips and you can easily search and browse by category. There's no running around looking for what you want. Just add your items to your cart and choose the delivery window that works for you—there are even same-day delivery options in select areas.

You can also create shopping lists and re-purchase items from past orders, so you can get your diet must-haves in just a few clicks. And forget shopping around at multiple stores—whether you're seeking out everyday essentials, brand-name products, or specialty items, you'll find it all on the FreshDirect website. Bonus: when you buy online, there will never be any lines to wait in or sugary or salty snacks to tempt you at checkout.

2. You'll find healthy food options for every diet

Whether you're looking to order low fat food, are going plant-based, or want to try a specific diet like keto, paleo, or Whole30, there are no shortage of options on FreshDirect. Our savvy product buyers keep the latest food and diet trends in mind when adding new items to our store. We're often the first to market with the latest and most exciting new innovations, like meat alternatives, plant-based milk, dairy alternatives, responsibly-raised ingredients, and discoveries from unique, up-and-coming brands. You can also shop our exclusive range of meal kits, ready-to-heat entrées and sides, and easy meal solutions prepared in our in-house kitchens, with many options that are friendly to various diets.

We also make it easy to find the goods that fit your life and to discover new ones too. Within product categories, you can filter items by type, like grass-fed meats, organic fruit, organic vegetables, gluten-free breads, or low-sodium or low-calorie foods. And if you ever need ingredient or nutritional info on a particular item, you can easily access it via its product page.

3. You can trust us to deliver the freshest, most delicious healthy food to eat

One of the biggest challenges of starting a new diet is staying satisfied on your new regimen. And although dietary advice varies, most nutrition experts agree that cooking for yourself, consuming a wide variety of whole foods—especially produce, and practicing mindfulness while eating are all hugely important to success on a diet. You're much more likely to stick with your regimen if you are able to enjoy, appreciate, and savor what's on your plate.

At FreshDirect, we put the freshness and quality of our food first—our aim is to bring you the very best when it comes to flavor and taste. We guarantee that by working directly with farmers and producers, instead of middlemen, so food reaches you faster and fresher without sitting on a shelf like it does at the store.

Additionally, we assign ratings to all of our fresh fruit, vegetables, and seafood, which are tasted and tested by our experts every single day. Each of these items has a one-to-five-star rating, which you'll see as you're shopping in our store. That way, it's easy to know what's freshest, tastiest, and best. And when you can trust and taste the quality of what you eat, you're much more likely to feel good and enjoy success with your healthy living goals.

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