The Best Healthy Lunches for Work

We know it can be a challenge to find healthy lunches for work. Whether you're planning meals for yourself or are an office manager with a team to feed, thinking up nutritious work lunch ideas can be stressful when you're already caught between a busy schedule and an abundance of tempting food to eat.

FreshDirect can help you get over any midday meal dilemmas with healthy lunch delivery to your home or office. If you're planning ahead for yourself or for your family, you can find tons of better-for-you ingredients in our online grocery store. Whether that's fresh produce for making salads, sandwich cold cuts and cheese from our deli, or bread, condiments, and meal solutions from our grocery, we offer lots of options that you can feel good about.

Or if you're in charge of providing healthy options for your employees, we also offer a wide selection of food and catering for office lunch delivery through FreshDirect At the Office. If there's a meeting or team lunch coming up, it's hard to go wrong with one of our sandwich, salad, or appetizer platters. Or if you'd like to stock up on lunch staples for your office pantry, we have those too-you can even get them delivered on a regular basis with the standing order feature.

Still wondering where to get started with work lunch delivery? Here are a few of our favorite office lunch ideas from FreshDirect.

FreshDirect Green Salads

Forget waiting in long lines at that trendy salad place: these nutritious options from our kitchen are way more satisfying and convenient. We offer a variety of chef-prepped salads that are easy to stick in your bag thanks to their carry-able bento box style containers, which also keep the individual ingredients separated and fresh. From classics like Chicken Caesar and Greek to inventive original recipes that you'll love, they make it easy to add variety (and plenty of vegetables) to your lunchtime rotation. And if you're ordering for a larger group, we offer many of our salads in platter sizes, too!

Try These Salads:

Sandwich Essentials

It's easy to enjoy a sandwich that's not just good, but also good for you with a few well-chosen ingredients. Start with some whole-grain bread or a wrap from our grocery department, from the deli add on sliced meats or cheeses that are created with no antibiotics and clean ingredients, then select from our freshest vegetables. We also have a number of prepared sandwich options, including big sandwich spreads that everyone in the office will love.

Try These Sandwich Options:

Deli Salads & Grains

Our house-made deli salads go beyond ordinary: in addition to classics like chicken salad and macaroni, we also carry wholesome twists with a great balance of veggies, grains, and proteins. Many of them are great on their own for lunch, or they can be paired with another item and eaten as a side. For example, our chicken, kale, and almond salad is great stuffed into a pita, or you could pair something like our cauliflower rice with leftover steak. No matter which way you use them, these go-tos are versatile and a great easy option. Many are also available for office catering.

Try these deli salads:


In addition to being delicious and comforting, soup is great for taking with you on the go-just grab a container and pop it in your lunch bag! If you like to make your own from scratch, you could certainly grab some vegetables and meat and get your pot simmering. But we also offer a large selection of prepared soups, with many healthier recipes full of veggies and lean proteins that are made in our kitchens.

Try these soups:

Prepared Entrees

There's no need to spend lots of time prepping a balanced meal in advance. We craft many wholesome, ready-to-heat meals in our own kitchen. From lighter pastas and noodles to protein-packing mains, our prepared entrees have endless options that are so much better than takeout. And whether you're feeding a crowd or just need a meal for one, you'll find great choices that fit your needs perfectly.

Try these entrees: