This. Is. Big. FreshDirect same-day grocery delivery service is now available in the NYC metro area, with later order cutoff times than we've ever had before! That way, you can order groceries today and still get them delivered today.

Why is this a game changer?

  • Because dinnertime will be here sooner than you think.
  • Because you always pick the slowest line at the store.
  • Because you can do so much better than takeout.
  • Because going to the store after work is sheer madness.
  • Because you already ate last weekend's groceries.

The bottom line is we get it. We get that you don't like waiting around for your FreshDirect delivery and want groceries ASAP. So we're giving you more time to shop and less time to wait.

Select locations now have the ability to place orders until 1 PM for delivery that evening. Enter your ZIP code in the box at right to see the options in your area. Don't see the the timeslots you like? Stay tuned: we're extending same-day service in more places soon.

You won't find a better option for same-day grocery shopping online. So if you hear us say "see you later," "later" might be sooner than you think!


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