Stumptown Coffee Roasters Homestead Whole Bean Coffee

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Stumptown Coffee Roasters Homestead Whole Bean Coffee
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We carefully select the right balance of coffees from our Direct Trade line-up to build Homestead. Some of the world's finest Central American, South American, and East African coffees form the basis of this blend. In order to keep Homestead's taste consistent, we rotate seasonally fresh coffees and roast them with an approach that brings the components into perfect harmony. As with all of our coffees, the producers who contribute to this blend devote attention to cultivation and processing. Our Homestead Blend consists solely of Direct Trade fully washed coffees. Central America, South America, and East Africa: These fully washed coffees provide floral and nutty aromas accompanied by ripe fruit and the sweetness of chocolate. The care these producers take with their cherry flotation, extended fermentation, soaking and proper storage shows clearly in the cup. (from Stumptown Coffee Roasters)