Brooklyn Grange Hot Sauce, Green

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Brooklyn Grange Hot Sauce, Green
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Brimming with unique herbs, our green sauce has a citrusy tang followed by a subtly smokey finish. Perfect on barbecue, chilaquiles, or fish—this medium-hot sauce packs in the flavor without overpowering your palate. Brooklyn Grange Rooftop Farm's locally produced Hot Sauce is made in small batches from peppers and herbs picked fresh from the farm and thrown straight into the kettle! Our recipe is packed with flavor, and spicy enough to tingle the taste buds. Organic vinegar lends a gentle tang to our sauce, and herbs from the field add floral and savory layers. Finally, a specially selected mix of hot and sweet peppers make our sauces a perfectly balanced blend. Caution: this stuff is addictive! (from Brooklyn Grange)