Just FreshDirect 100% Pure Honey Bear, Clover

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Just FreshDirect 100% Pure Honey Bear, Clover
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Why We Love It: Our honey is True Source Certified so we know that it's free from the adulteration and harmful chemicals that can be found in other honey. Made from the flowers of sweet clovers, this honey is always a favorite for its mild, rich sweetness that blends well in a wide range of recipes. Clover honey is earthy, but still maintains notes of flowers and a pleasant finish of butterscotch and beeswax. It's not only tasty but contains antioxidant rich polyphenols, making it a preferred alternative to other sweeteners. All of Just FreshDirect's honey is True Source Certified, which means there is 100% traceability back to the country of origin — you know where it's from and you can be sure that it's free from harmful additives and chemicals. Comes in the adorable bear-shaped bottle that kids love!