Sabra Guacamole, Classic

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Sabra Guacamole, Classic
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Simple ingredients make for amazing flavors in every batch of Sabra Classic Guacamole. Ripe avocados grown in Mexico are scooped by hand and combined with tangy limes and fragrant cilantro. Crafted into a chunky avocado dip, these delicious ingredients create the bold flavor you can't resist. Just peel off the seal to dip and share. Summer barbecues, trivia nights, midnight snacks–almost every occasion is better with Sabra guacamole on the table. This avocado spread is vegan, kosher and gluten free, so you can share the authentic guacamole dip with all your friends. Serve this dip with veggies as gluten free snacks. Spread it over toasted baguette slices. Or, add flavorful ingredients like pineapple. Because, really, there is no bad time for guacamole. Every batch is made with Non-GMO Project verified ingredients, including real, ripe Hass avocados grown in Mexico. With Sabra Classic Guacamole, it's all about doing what tastes good. (from Sabra)