Nature's Yoke Legacy Free-Range Large Brown Eggs

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Nature's Yoke Legacy Free-Range Large Brown Eggs
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Nature's Yoke Legacy Free-Range Eggs have been part of the lives of so many families for decades. They're laid by our free-range hens on family farms where there are no cages and lots of outdoor space. Our hens have sun, shade and comfy barns where they can perch and socialize together, as well as fences to protect them from predators. So many families like yours have learned how hens are raised at conventional farms and, as a result, have decided to buy only free-range eggs. They've made it clear that they care about the humane treatment of animals as much as we do. They also need to balance how much they spend on eggs among other things their family needs. Our lovingly treated hens provide this balance by laying good-for-you Legacy Free-Range Eggs, eliminating the extra cost of pasture raised or organic. Here's the proof: All Legacy eggs come from family farms that are Certified Humane just like our Organic Free-Range Eggs and our Omega-3 Free-Range Eggs. In short, the Nature's Yoke Legacy Free-Range Egg that started it all is an egg you can count on for what your family needs. (from Nature's Yoke)