Oatly Non-Dairy Cream Cheese, Plain

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Oatly Non-Dairy Cream Cheese, Plain
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Say Cheese! That is a strange way to start off a product description page. It says "cheese" but doesn't claim that our new spread is actually made of "cheese" because it is not made of "cheese". It has nothing whatsoever to do with "cheese" except that it is conveniently spreadable like one of those creamy spreadable "cheeses" and that you can use it in your cooking to make super creamy sauces or for baking cookies and "cheese" cakes. If you don't find it in the supermarket with all the other Oatly products then have a look to see if it is hanging out with the other creamy "cheese" spreads- it's the one with the good animal-free karma. Later. (from Oatly)