YoCrunch Lowfat Yogurt, Vanilla with M&M's

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YoCrunch Lowfat Yogurt, Vanilla with M&M's
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Contains Soy, May Contain Traces of Peanuts and Other Nuts, May Contain Tree Nuts, Contains Milk, May Contain Wheat

Make snack time fun with YoCrunch Lowfat Vanilla Yogurt with M&Ms. This lowfat yogurt is deliciously smooth and creamy — and best of all, it comes with M&Ms topping, so you can add a fun crunch to every bite. YoCrunch puts snack time in your control: you can sprinkle just the amount of toppings you want, save them for last, or mix everything together for maximum crunch. Either way, YoCrunch is off-the-charts in yum. YoCrunch offers a fun snacking experience that the entire family can enjoy. (from YoCrunch)