Bitchin' Sauce Original Dip

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Bitchin' Sauce Original Dip
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Contains Soy, Contains Almonds, Contains Tree Nuts

The OG. Where Bitchin' began. Creamy lemon and garlic. Simple and Satisfying. But what exactly is Bitchin' Sauce? Only the most-Bitchin'-ly creamy and savory almond-based condiment you ever could DIP, SPREAD, or SMOTHER all over your favorite foods! DIP it with chips and snacks like the salsa, guacamole, or party-time showstopper ya didn't know ya needed! The Belle of the Bitchin' Ball! SPREAD it on your favorite lunchtime wrap, burger, or sandwich. It's like hummus, but with superpowers (and no chickpeas). SMOTHER it like a nondairy ranch or sour cream over grilled proteins, rice bowls, or any weeknight meal in need of a Bitchin' Flavor Boost. Using pasta sauce for pasta salad? Switch it up and fall in Savory and Saucy love! Healthy, natural, and plant-based, each Bitchin' Sauce flavor is a simple blend of almonds, real herbs and spices, and not much else! It's the perfect +1 for every saucy BBQ, party, or cookout. Whether you chip and dip it, spread it, or smother it - Bitchin' Sauce will take your eatin' to saucy new heights. Join the Bitchin' Addiction today! (from Bitchin' Sauce)