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Native to the Malay Archipelago in Southeast Asia, and grown on small evergreen trees, Mangosteens have been savored by many but experienced by few. Called "the queen of tropical fruit", legend has it that Queen Victoria offered a knighthood to anyone who could deliver the fabled fruit to her. Round in shape, red to dark purple in color, this ultra-tropical fruit contains 4-8 triangular segments of snow-white, juicy flesh that melt in your mouth while releasing a perfect balance of sweet and sour citrus, peach, and exotic flavors. Not only is the taste incredible, Mangosteens are also referred to as "superfruits", offering a combination of visual appeal, nutrient richness, wonderful fragrance, and antioxidant benefits that may lower the risk of certain diseases. Mangosteen should be consumed as soon as possible. If the shell of the Mangosteen is still pliable, the unopened fruit can be refrigerated in a plastic bag (partially closed) for up to 2 days. To open, make a shallow cut around the circumference or equator of the fruit, avoiding the interior. Twist shell open along the cut to access the delicate segments of fruit inside. (from the vendor)