Chinese Long Beans

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Chinese Long Beans
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Chinese long beans should be picked young while it is at its most crisp, sweet and tender. Young beans develop within sixty days of cultivation, and the long pods grow in pairs from the stem. Known for their extraordinary length, beans can grow up to thirty inches in length, but for best flavor and texture it should be harvested when between twelve and eighteen inches. The bean pods have a spindly, cylindrical form with a smooth, grooved, and firm texture and a green-colored shell. The bean pod's flesh contains succulent, pale, lime green peas with eyes similar in shape to black eyed peas. If beans can fully mature, they can be shelled, and the seeds used as other shelled beans and peas. The flavor of Chinese long beans is grassy and slightly sweet with a more intense bean flavor than traditional green beans. Of all the Chinese long bean varieties, the green is known to be the sweetest and most tender. (from the vendor)