Smallhold Organic Lion's Mane Mushrooms

approx. 8oz
Smallhold Organic Lion's Mane Mushrooms
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Spongy, sweet, and savory. Lion's Mane mushrooms are great for soaking up your favorite sauce or as a dumpling in soup. They also make a mean "crab cake". We harvest and package each mushroom with as much love and as little plastic as possible, employing local labor in a local farm to create tastes tailored to you and your friends. We started growing mushrooms in 2017 because we were intrigued by their mysterious nature and thought they might be the key to feeding the world. Since then, we've invented proprietary technologies and a robust supply chain to build small, high-output local farms across the country. All of our mushrooms are certified organic and locally grown. We believe that whatever the future may bring, the closer we get to our food—and the more love we put into growing it—the better we will treat each other and our environment. (from Smallhold)