AeroFarms Local Micro Broccoli

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AeroFarms Local Micro Broccoli
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Mighty and balanced, AeroFarms broccoli microgreens have earthy notes and a slightly sweet finish. Grown for peak flavor always, AeroFarms award-winning greens are sustainably grown indoors by our team of plant experts - creating the perfect bite. Our Micro Broccoli falls in the forest green portion of the AeroFarms FlavorSpectrum, representing a grassy and green flavor profile with earthy notes. Microgreens can contain considerably higher levels of vitamins and carotenoids–about 5X greater–than their mature plant counterparts, according to the United States Department of Agriculture. Micro Broccoli, in particular, is a rich source of sulforaphane, a sulfur-rich compound studied for its antioxidant, detoxifying, and disease prevention properties. AeroFarms greens are grown with zero pesticides and are ready to enjoy right out of the container. Taste the AeroFarms difference - enjoy Micro Broccoli by adding a heaping handful to boost any meal including sandwiches, wraps, soups, salads, takeout, and more.