Ellio's Cheese Pizza, Frozen

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Ellio's Cheese Pizza, Frozen
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Contains Wheat, Contains Milk

Ellio's Original Crust Cheese Pizza began 60 years ago as the rectangle school pizza that made kids smile. Since then, it's become a household favorite of moms, dads, kids, and college students when they want a quick, personal pizza. From crispy and crunchy to soft and airy, Ellio's has a freshly rolled crust that can be baked to your individual pizza perfection. Shredded, 100% mozzarella cheese is sprinkled end to end, so there are never any of the uneaten crust leftovers from round pizzas. Plus, Ellio's Cheese Pizza is topped with our signature savory sauce that is bursting with flavor from California vine-ripened tomatoes and a fresh blend of Italian herbs and spices--and it's preservative free. With three individual cheese pizzas per box, each containing three easy-to-separate slices you can quickly bake an entire pizza or enjoy just a single slice as a mini pizza. Whether an appetizer, after-school snack, a break when studying lake, or dinner on its own, Ellio's Pizza fits your busy lifestyle. They're kid friendly to make-simply bake them in your toaster oven or air fryer and you can have melted-cheesy pizza satisfaction that's the best of quality and affordability-in just 15 minutes or less. We're proud to bring you authentic Italian taste made with all-American ingredients. Add a box of Ellio's Pizza to your cart today! (from Ellio's)