Sambazon Açai Bowl, Amazon Superberry

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Sambazon Açai Bowl, Amazon Superberry
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Contains Cashews, Contains Tree Nuts, Contains Coconuts

Delicious Açaí berry blend complete with granola topping for the perfect Açaí bowl experience. Fast. Affordable. Sustainable. And now grab and go! Our 100% plant-based, recyclable bowls are a convenient way to reap the benefits of the world's most powerful superfood — without extra time or a blender. Wild harvested by hand, Açaí is high in antioxidants and healthy omegas 3, 6, and 9, while free of naturally-occurring sugars. But not all Açaí is created equal. Sambazon is fairtrade, organically-grown, ethically sourced, nutritious — and extra delicious. (from Sambazon)