Why does my credit card charge not match my invoice?

There are a few reasons your credit card may not match your invoice:

  • When we authorize your credit card before delivery, if your order contains an item that is sold by weight, we require authorization for up to 125% of the estimated cost. In addition, we authorize for 100% of the remaining items in your order. Therefore, your cart will reflect the item estimates while your credit card will reflect the additional authorization amount for those weighable items.

The final price of these items is determined at the time your order is assembled.

  • If you modify and add to your order after the initial authorization, we will obtain another authorization for up to 125% of the additional value, as explained above.
  • If you purchase from FreshDirect Wines & Spirits, you will see a separate authorization for that value.
  • Occasionally, your final invoice may show more than what is actually charged to your credit card. This happens if the weighable items exceed 125% of the estimate when assembled. If that should happen, although it does not reflect on your invoice, we only collect from your credit card the amount that was authorized and the rest is free of charge.