Christopher Ranch Organic Chopped Garlic


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Christopher Ranch Organic Chopped Garlic
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Earthy and robust, garlic adds layers of flavor to anything you pair it with — which makes it a year-round essential. The tedious work of separating the cloves, peeling off the skin, and chopping is done for you. This organic chopped garlic is made with fresh garlic and packed in oil. Blend 1-2 teaspoons with butter for quick, easy garlic bread, or add to scrambled eggs, pasta, sauces and fresh vegetables. One teaspoon of chopped garlic equals one clove of fresh garlic. Grown with all natural ingredients — the sun, the rain and mother nature — Christopher Ranch organic products meet today's health conscious lifestyle and consumers' growing interest in nutrition. You can trust Christopher Ranch Organics to deliver quality, value and great flavor. (from Christopher Ranch)