Sullivan St Bakery Disco Romano, Frozen

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Sullivan St Bakery Disco Romano, Frozen
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Contains Wheat

Olive oil, sea salt. Goes well with mortadella, prosciutto, mozzarella, and tomato. Sullivan Street Bakery begins with the belief that good bread is for everyone. Italian bread bakeries are a meeting place for all of society, and our mission is to do the same — to bring people together with incredible bread. The word company, after all, has its origins in the Latin words "with bread" — meaning people with whom you share your bread. Our company opened in 1994 with the mission to raise the standard for handcrafted, small-batch bread, and we work continually to better our methods, techniques, and craft. We source the finest ingredients, eschew all additives and enhancers, and shape every piece of bread by hand. Jim Lahey scraped our starter off of a kale leaf in the rolling Tuscan hills nearly thirty years ago, and we've used it consistently since 1994. We use natural leavening in nearly all of our breads—we like to achieve perfect fermentation by letting time and dough do the work. We strive to make every part of our business sustainable, fun, and delicious—we want to do good things and make great bread, continually setting the bar for what great bread can be and do. (from Sullivan St Bakery)