Farm-Raised Arctic Char Fillet


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Farm-Raised Arctic Char Fillet
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With its pink-orange color and rich flavor, char could possibly be one of the best fish we've ever eaten. With a finer flake and milder taste than salmon or trout, its sweet, versatile flavor shines through in almost any dish. Matorka is a leader in sustainable aquaculture, raising arctic char using a land-based farm that leverages the purity of Iceland's natural resources. Situated among bright blue hot springs, the farm is uniquely powered by the pristine glacial waters that flow through it, which are naturally filtered by nearby lava fields. These geothermal waters self-regulate the temperature, enabling Matorka to operate with a carbon-neutral footprint. Matorka translates to "food energy" in Icelandic, which captures the mission to sustainably raise the best-tasting, healthiest fish in the world.