Banana-Leaf Wrapped Coconut-Cilantro Salmon

1 fillet per pack (approx. 8oz)

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Banana-Leaf Wrapped Coconut-Cilantro Salmon
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Contains Fish, Contains Tree Nuts, Contains Coconuts

After being slathered with a herbaceous, sweetly spiced coconut-cilantro chutney, these rich salmon fillets are wrapped in banana leaves, which keep the fish moist while imparting a delicate, almost floral green banana flavor. Grand on the grill and a snap to bake, this entrée brings mouthwatering new meaning to the words "fast food." A note about heat levels: This item contains ingredients that may be spicy. Because chilis can naturally vary in the amount of heat they contain, and because there are a wide range of individual spice tolerances, we recommend using your best judgment before consumption.