Ramón Peña Mussels in Pickled Sauce

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Ramón Peña Mussels in Pickled Sauce
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Ramón Peña is located along the shores of a deep fjord, where the Atlantic Ocean reaches into Galicia, Spain. Close proximity to the farm ensures the mussels reach their facility hours after harvest where they are cleaned and cooked in sea water. Each mussel is packed one by one into a tin along with a subtle sauce consisting of olive oil, vinegar, paprika, spices, and salt. Simply serve with crisp crackers and a glass of white wine or add to a fresh green salad. Since the 1920s, Conservas Ramón Peña has been a premier producer of fine canned seafood. Situated in Galicia, the northwest of Spain, they are surrounded by cool, clean Atlantic waters that support a vibrant fishing tradition. In Spain, canned seafood is regarded as a gourmet product, and Ramón Peña is dedicated to providing premium quality to its customers. (from Ramón Peña)