Yurrita Boquerones in Vinegar

approx. 2oz
Yurrita Boquerones in Vinegar
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Contains Fish

These anchovies, known as boquerón al vinagre, are marinated with a special combination of vinegars using a secret recipe and packed in the best-quality extra-virgin olive oil. Boquerones are different from salt-cured anchovies in that they are flash flash frozen immediately after harvest for safety, then thawed and prepared in their marinade without heavy salting. They are packaged to preserve freshness and should be kept refrigerated. Consume within a few days of opening. Yurrita is a small family-owned business located in Mutriku, in the Guipúzcoa province of Spain's Basque Country. It has lasted five generations spanning almost 150 years, making Yurrita the oldest canning company in the region and a part of one of the longest-operating agrifood industries in Spain.