Collective Arts Brewing Life in the Clouds IPA, Cans

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Collective Arts Brewing Life in the Clouds IPA, Cans
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New to our core lineup, Life in the Clouds is our flagship New England style IPA. After experimenting with the Collective Project HAZY IPA, we dialed in the Simcoe and Mosaic hops and malt balance to optimize this juicy IPA's pleasantly fruit-forward (think citrus and melon) taste and aroma. In keeping with the nouveau NEIPA tradition, Life in the Clouds is an unfiltered beer, neither overly-sweet nor bitter, with a pillowy mouth feel. Crack one, pour it in a glass, take a whiff, hold it up to the light and take a sip! Don't you agree? Collective Arts Brewing is a craft brewery that aims to fuse the creativity of craft beer with the inspired talents of emerging artists and musicians. Collective Arts Brewing was founded on two beliefs. The first that creativity fuels creativity. And the second, that creativity yields delicious pints. (from Collective Arts Brewing)