Wild Basin Essentials Mix, Variety Pack, Cans

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Wild Basin Essentials Mix, Variety Pack, Cans
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We're elevating the hard seltzer experience with real fruit juice and natural flavors, creating a vibrancy that refreshes and brings the now into crisp focus. The Essentials Mix Variety Pack contains three (3) cans of each of the following flavors: Lemon: Vibrant and inviting. In one sip, you'll get the entire lemon — juice, essence and zest swirled together. Grapefruit: Featuring a blend of white & ruby red grapefruit juice, it balances both tart & sweet citrus with a kiss of Meyer lemon and soft vanilla. Watermelon: A taste of summertime, anytime. Bright and refreshing real watermelon is enhanced by nostalgic aromas of candy sweetness. Peach: Delicate peach juice is brilliantly complemented by heady notes of apricot nectar, tropical pineapple, and subtle rose water. (from Wild Basin)