Brooklyn Brewery Variety Pack, Cans

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Brooklyn Brewery Variety Pack, Cans
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Three cans each of: Brookyn Lager: Our dry-hopped amber lager is crafted to be as bold as it is inviting, with flavors of toffee, toast, and caramel and a dry-hopped aroma of grapefruit, flowers and pine. Brooklyn Pilsner: Bright, golden, and strikingly refreshing, this is a Pilsner inspired by Brooklyn and brewed for all. Brookly Pulp Art Hazy IPA: This modern masterpiece is a delicious blur between beer and art, with billboard-sized notes of night tropical fruit and a refreshingly soft finish. Brooklyn Pulp Art Imperial IPA: A powerful spin on the original Pulp Art's tropical notes and soft finish. Think of it as a supersaturated version of our modern masterpiece-strikingly familiar, but unlike anything you've seen before. (from Brooklyn Brewery)