Spindrift Spiked Hard Seltzer Paradise Variety Pack, Cans

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Spindrift Spiked Hard Seltzer Paradise Variety Pack, Cans
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Introducing the cleaner twist on hard seltzer. Spindrift Spiked - undeniably delicious, same real ingredients now with alcohol from cane sugar. For those vibrant, full of life moments when 4% ABV feels just right. Includes 3 cans of the following flavors: Spiked Passion Orange Guava: If there's a flavor to make you fall in love with spiked seltzer, it's this one. Aromatic, complex passion fruit with a splash of sweet guava and a bright pop of orange. It's a flavor that Spindrift has never seen before - an escape to paradise in each can. Spiked Blood Orange Tangerine: Two uncommon citruses come together for a taste that is anything but ordinary. Mysterious, multi-dimensional blood oranges are elevated by a splash of bright, sweet tangerine. A spiked for those who seek the unique. Spiked Lemon: If there's something more refreshing than lemon water, it hasn't been invented yet. Inspired by the classic recipe of actual lemons squeezed into water, we added bubbles and 4% ABV to make the cleanest tasting Lemon spiked sparkling water anyone could possibly make. Spiked Grapefruit: If you like eating grapefruits, you'll love drinking Spiked Grapefruit. Made with real grapefruits, juiced alongside a splash of orange juice for a delicious, fruit-forward finish. It's light, bright, slightly pulpy, and endlessly drinkable. (from Spindrift)